Hardcore game made in a few (probably < 3)hours, as I didn't want to miss a ludum dare even when I had no time.

It's quite simple, there are two balls, red and blue.

There are two targets, red and blue(marked with a '+').

Your goal is to make each ball hit it's target.

You do that by pressing the following two buttons.

Right Arrow to accelerate the blue ball in it's direction of movement.

Left Arrow to accelerate the red ball in it's direction of movement.

You can also press R to restart, I don't think that counts as a button. (it's also not useful at all as it is never hard to fail).

After a ball hit's it's target it is allowed to fall out of the screen.

Simple right? Well, tell me if you can pass level 10(the last one).

I'm quite happy with what I managed to make so quickly, and I hope you will too.

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